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November 17, 2015

Charleston, West Virginia

I have a few more samples of architectural photography from our Charleston visit that I've been looking at.  

If you watch cable home building and remodeling shows, you probably share the humor in seeing that every couple wants to "open up" the home, take down a wall, create spacious living.  That wall invariably always seems to have a pipe or wire in it that costs another thousand or two to remedy.  In this  Dezeen Magazine article, it details the reversal of this style where people are now asking for more walls, smaller and cozier spaces, private and intimate rooms of their own.  The article author attributes this to smart phones and tablets.  I think people are just tired at the end of the day and want to relax by themselves without listening to the game or whatever the husband, wife, son, daughter, partner, roommate wants to listen to.  Quietness just might be the new driving force in home and building design.

Dezeen is a great architectural photography site, by the way.