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December 30, 2015

Huntington Cycle and Sports
Huntington, West Virginia

The company named Surly sells bicycles that feels like the purchase is your entry ticket to a gigantic club.  To own a Surly is to be like a Shriner, you have friends everywhere that you haven't gotten around to meeting quite yet.  These bikes are somewhat old school, they are made of steel, not made to go fast, but made to go far and for a long time and with stability.  My father wanted to give us a gift that would be something we wanted, just not a useful item.  The Surly fit the bill, and it was very nice that they ran a sale with some of them half price.  This one is a fat tire bike, made for traction and stability.  After feeling like I narrowly escaped death or paralysis with my wreck last fall, I thought this might come in very handy when I wanted to go out biking by myself at the local parks or bike around town on urban photo explorations.  The ride puts a gigantically wide smile on your face, believe me.

Bill is the father of the bike shop owner, they are really a nice bunch of people.  It's the place to go, especially if you want a quality bike to putter about town in a way that would be safe and sensible.