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January 5, 2016

I slept too long and that tossed to the wind the entire schedule for the first of the week.  Then the deep freeze started and I waited today for the temp to hit the 20s and finally took off with the bike to Greenbo for some exercise and hopefully photos.  When I arrived there, I saw lots of hunter orange and then remembered, yes, it is the two day gun season at the park.  Not wanting to be a target for the 90 hunters, I returned home to do some chores only to find the tools evidently have been hopelessly mislaid. How has your week gone so far?   Out for a bite to eat and made a quick stop at the Arcade where I made another snap of one of my favorite subjects.

"It seems the best way to get myself to do things is to decide
not to.  To thrash the famous John Lennon quote to shreds, my
life in the end will amount to everything I've done while putting
off all the things I ought to have done."

The Online Photographer, 1/4/2016