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January 22, 2016

Flatwoods, Kentucky

(This is post #3 of 3 for the day, compliments of the snow storm)   You would not want to be a resident of Section F.  It's in our local cemetery.  They were digging a grave and setting up for a funeral today, of all times.  But thinking more about it, I think it would be a beautiful time for a funeral, if there ever was one.   With this shot,, I was reminded of the funeral I attended with my parents a few years ago, held at a mountain church that I used to attend when I was only a toddler.  It was an interesting funeral, the church had split up as churches do (they are made up of people, after all) however the deceased had requested her funeral be preached by preachers who were on both sides of the opposing split.  They came together in good spirit for the funeral and it was a good one, if (once again) one can say there ever was a good one.

At the cemetery, the grave had just been dug and this was odd to me because our local cemetery was much more ship-shape than this one, I can never remember seeing grave diggers at any of our local funerals.  But it ended up really nice, because mountain folks are a special breed.  During this funeral, all the gravediggers removed their hats and came up to the service to participate.  It just seemed fitting.

Still, today, I did not envy their job.

“If you stop and think, a funeral is
one of the natural things in the
world.  I enjoy it very much....
especially in the summer.”

Unidentified gravedigger
Lexington Herald Leader 8/24/1998