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January 23, 2016

Russell, Kentucky

I feel sorry for everyone stuck in that snow storm related 35 mile traffic jam down in Kentucky, as well as all those folks without power.  But yesterday was a great day here for some of us, the snow was beautiful and yielded several photos plus a terrific night bike ride down the snow covered streets of the neighborhood.  This bike is a Surly Ice Cream Truck, not specifically built for snow riding but it went about pretty good after I nearly deflated the tires.  No wrecks, no spills, lots of fun and exercise.  About 20 years ago, I pulled out my old touring bike and went around the block and I remember going up what I call the church hill and being so out of breath and exhausted that I think I parked the bike and never tried it again.  Now 20 years older,  I think I'm in better shape than my youth and I think I owe it to the local biking club, whom I ironically rarely bike with.  But they are active on Facebook, posting their adventures and accomplishments and so that sort of prods you along, gives you some hope and inspiration.  Last night, I biked up that deeply snow covered church hill and kept on going and going.  Quite a difference.  Say what you might about social media but it does sometimes make a difference in lives when you feel a bit connected to others of similar feelings.

Maybe this photo blog does that for someone's photography, somewhere.  Hopefully.