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March 3, 2016

I'm hoping to focus some on fitness for the next couple of weeks so you might see more biking shots for awhile.  Here is the Ice Cream Truck fat bike going down the ridge-top.  This bike reminds me of the old family stories of the legendary horse named Fred.  Fred was big and heavy and strong and smart, but he was a bit of a stubborn one.  As the family stories go, Old Fred had people he hated and people he loved, and all kids fell in that last category.  He could teach a kid to plow a garden all on his own.  Just tell the kid to hold onto the reins and Fred would correct any mistake and before long, the garden was ready and the kid knew exactly what to do.  That's the way with this bike, just point and pedal and it rolls over and around all sorts of stuff that makes you feel superhuman and a rock star.  I think I've learned a lot from it in a short while.  Hit a hill, though, and these tired old legs feel every year they've walked on the earth and I can hardly make it up it.  Next trip out might be on the modern plastic-like bike that zooms up the hill but is liable to break your neck rather than teach you anything, as I found out last fall.