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June 14, 2016

Russell, Kentucky

This past weekend I participated in a photo challenge hosted by our new local photo group.  The challenge was to produce interesting images at a very small park in our town.  This area would be called a micro-park in some parts, it consists of a parking lot, the old train depot, a defunct railroad building called the RU Cabin, a small fountain, a caboose, and landscaped brick walkway with pavers engraved with railroaders names on it.  In addition, someone had left out a very old rail pushcart of the sort you'd use to move luggage around on.  We had a fair amount of participation, I would call it a success.  The park is interesting for the fact that you step out of your car and think there is not a photo to be found but then as you spend time, they appear all over the place.  I made 2 trips there, I think you are more successful if you make a scouting trip and look through your lens and then return looking for the right light and for scenes that sort of gel within your mind.  I still have two more shots in my mind, plus a number of ones that could be done as setup shots.  I'll post a few of my images this week.  The one today was posted to the photo group as a Velvia style color jpg, with this version above I have reverted to a  desaturated one that I actually prefer.  With modern screens, you really have no idea what your photos will look like to your viewers, the view from a Galaxy smartphone with the adaptive screen option turned on by default, for instance, gives a much different look than a calibrated monitor, in my opinion.