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October 20, 2016

One more from the trails at Greenbo, this being the lakeside trail.  Most of the folks who bike at the park are younger, much younger than I.  Think of 20 to 25 years younger.  So these things come much easier to them.  This lakeside trail is one of my most favorite but the trail itself is mostly just wide enough for the bike.  Then at many spots, it falls off on one side steeply toward the lake.  When you are a beginning rider or one that is cautious about getting injured, then you tend to take things a bit more cautious and slower.  Now with trail riding, momentum is your friend and that requires speed to carry you over the roots, rocks, and dips.  Caution is the enemy of momentum.   So I have found myself being too cautious at times and slowing up then falling over the hill, bike and all.  Once when riding with the young folks, I was in the back and went over the hill and they kept going none the wiser.  When I finally caught up, they said where were you?    I still encourage my older friends to join me, "hike n' bike" is a great way to enjoy the outdoors and pretty safe, walking through the more tougher spots.

"Boredom or terror, you choose"

from the Sopranos