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December 20, 2016

Sometimes you just have to go by instinct in order to find the shortcut.  I told David, yes it looks like this is the way I believe, up that hill.  Before the hiking trails, when I was a teenager, we tried our luck with map and compass to navigate over this ridge, we thought we had really done something big.  Now, seems pretty simple.  This cutout, we think, had once been an old logging road or perhaps a road to haul the iron ore.  On top of this ridge, there is an area that the bicycle folks call the Whoops because, well, you go up and down small hills that make you want to say "whoop!".  That area was the source of open digs for the iron ore for the old blast furnace that was down near the lake.  Back in the furnace day, all these hills would have been bare, stripped of their oaks for furnace fuel.