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July 9, 2013

Probably the biggest project for the final year will be to re-photograph a number of the previous shots to see the change both in the subject as well as how it's treated photographically.  Here is a Yale lock that I shot back in 2009.  For this shot, I found the lock in the deep shade and decided to tether an off-camera flash to the 5D2 with some compensation and settings to give a spotlight effect to highlight the old brass as well as casting some shadow definition.  I tweaked the contrast, then some dodging & burning, and finally a hue change to the red background to render it a burnt orange color (a painter's palette is not a dictionary that I carry in my head but the color was a hot red that I didn't really think worked for the mood I was looking for).  I think the biggest change between the shots is taking the time now to dodge and burn the letters in the circular Yale logo to make them stand out in a natural fashion and finally be the center of attention of the photograph.

Click here for  the first photograph of the lock.

"Trust in God but lock your door"

From the lyrics of Slow Dance More
(sung by Kenny Rogers)