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July 11, 2013

Not long ago, I was out on the maiden voyage for my new-to-me mountain bike (bicycle) and came across this box turtle after getting off the bike to dodge a gigantic water hole, he was cooperative to hold the pose until I got the I phone out of the pocket.  My bike is probably 4 years old and I was fortunate to acquire it from someone who took really good care of it but apparently had more bicycles that he could transport during a cross-country relocation.  I bought my first mountain bike 27 years ago and I couldn't have been more surprised about the difference between the two.  This one has full suspension and climbed up hills and zoomed down slopes that gave me a surprise that it was me doing it. 

Had a lot of fun with it.  The common thing biking has with photography and other activities is that you can not get by with only one bicycle, or camera lens, or fly rod, or computer, etc.  So today I visited more bike shops looking for a road bike to go along with the mountain bike.  At one shop, I had test driven a bike around and around the parking lot and was standing out there asking the salesman a few questions when an obviously experienced cyclist of my age was walking by when I happen to ask this question to the salesman "It rides you think I could keep up with the guys in the bike club with this one?"  I immediately realized I had said the biking-equivalent of "What type of camera do you have, I want to make good photographs like you.".   The fellow stopped dead in his tracks still facing forward and then slowly turned around to take a long look at the fool who asked such a silly question.  The salesman just grinned and said "Well, it won't be this bike that keeps you from doing that."  hahaha!  I'm sure I'm a butt of a good Facebook post tonight.