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July 22, 2013

This image is another Hipstamatic I-phone picture that uses the Tinto 1884 lens and Pistil film with no post-editing.   Following (loosely) the theme of remaking old photographs, I shot a similar subject in June 2005.  Yesterday was the birthday of Ernest Hemmingway and the tie-in with this picture is that midway in his career, Hemmingway reportedly had difficulty writing because he felt he was repeating himself.  Maybe that was true in some sense, maybe we go through life in re-run mode but just reframe and repackage our same ideas and stories for new audiences.  Not an outright lie, just looking at things from an older perspective- giving things an honest tweak without knowing it.   I had a recent conversation with someone about memories, about how maybe they are not as good as we think even when we feel for certain that we have it right.  I was on a road trip once and a couple of brothers were in the car, these fellows were past retirement age and had grown up in the country with one another.  The story was a good one and every so often the story-teller would say "Isnt' that so, Willis?" and Willis would shake his head in agreement.  Finally, Willis says "Well now, I think that's how I remember it but you tell that story so good that I might just be remembering all the times that you've told it to us."

"The tiger does not loose sleep over
the opinion of the sheep."

Unknown (from Facebook)