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July 28, 2013

The Village Idiot (Restaurant & Pub)
Lexington, Kentucky

I took a day trip with a couple of friends in search of photographs, art, bourbon history, and my never-ending quest for odd places to eat.  Our evening meal found us landing at a quirky named place called The Village Idiot.  As it turns out, the owners of this pub/restaurant also own Pazzo's Pizza Pub where we have landed a good many times on similar picture-taking safaris, once with about 1/4 of the Ohio Valley Camera Club.  The Village Idiot is much different than the college-oriented Pazzos and I think we'll have to make another trip to fine-tune our ordering skills to their menu.  We chose sandwiches rather than a proper dinner and  were surprised with unexpected eclectic twists on some common items like a BLT and hamburger.   We had a great time there.  Here is the newspaper article on the pub and here is the Urbanspoon page (81% thumbs up rating with 300 votes, as of today).  After looking at that page, I think it would benefit a diner to read the reviews before ordering.

"Bourbon doesn't need to be any flavor other
than bourbon-flavored.  There's a reason
people don't put ketchup on filet mignon."

(from an online comment to an article
about flavored bourbons)