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August 5, 2013

Lexington, Kentucky

Took advantage of the weather today and picked our first green beans of the year, plus a small load of tomatoes that made 8 pints of pizza sauce and about that many quarts of frozen tomatoes.   The corn that I had planted in April, when I posted this photo, is all harvested and should get cut down this week to get ready for a crop of fall greens.  It was a great year and hardly took any effort at all.   As someone said this weekend, when was the last time you had green grass in August here in Kentucky?  Since I worked in the garden today (Monday), it's appropriate to mention that it is Wendell Berry's birthday.  I want to link to a very short poem by Berry that happens to be one of my favorites and one that makes you think beyond the words.  Read it at the Writers Almanac.

"Do unto those downstream as you would
have those upstream do unto you."

Wendell Berry