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August 7, 2013

Lexington, Kentucky

I rank aluminum awnings right up there with pay phones as being highly endangered and often photogenic, though I rarely get shots of them worth using.  For this trip, I ended up with 2 shots of awnings, the other one seems to defy a good simplifying crop but this one seems to lay out fine.  I like the 1960s-1970s look of the building.  I had a late-uncle, whom I barely remember, that installed aluminum awnings and siding in the early 1960s and some of his work is still standing and in good shape.  This awning is a bit different, being some sort of mini-slats that I like much better.  Did some yard work today and then visited bike shops, finding a helmet to fit my fat head but striking out on a road bike.  Someday, you will see shots from the road, I kid you not.  Snow might be flying, the cows might be coming home.  Here's a quote about cycling but aptly applies to photography as well, it seems to never get easier as you just find more problems with your subjects and images as you develop your eyes with your experience.

"It never gets easier,
you just go faster."

Rule #10,  The Rules
Keeper of the Cog
(atributed to Greg Lemans)