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August 8, 2013

Our Lady of Fatima Shrine
outside of Ironton, Ohio

Here's an I-Phone Hipstamatic shot of a pamphlet that I found at the Fatima Shrine, I know some of the Hipstamatic effects are not everyone's cup of tea.  The shrine is sort of a roadside park that was built about 60 years ago and loosely maintained by the Catholic community.  I've posted numerous shots of the shrine itself over the years.   I believe occasionally some effort of renovation takes place but then it seems to slip back to its usual forgotten state.  I love stopping by- you still can get a sense of solitude and peacefulness even though the subdivisions have built right up to the boundary.  It reminds me of the Citrus Tower that I used to visit in Florida when vacationing at my grandparents as a small kid.  As far as you could see were orange groves but I'm told now that as far as you can see are subdivisions. (more at Roadside America) I used the Hipstamatic funky Tinto 1884 lens and Kodot XGrizzled film for this one, then some retouching in Lightroom (dodging & burning mainly).   As a side note, we have stumbled across a very simple sandwich for garden tomatoes:  jalapeno bologna with a gigantic slice of Belgium Pink tomatoes from the garden.  Quite an unlikely item for me (I am not a bologna lover) but if you find it in your market, give it a try.

"Enjoy every sandwich."

Warren Zevon