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May 23, 2012

On Saturday morning, I set out to find 3 things: ribs, peonies, and to revisit this garden spot that I photographed last year. The ribs were a hit, the peonies bloomed early this year and I'll never get that opportunity back, but on the 3rd stop of the day the garden netting gave up an interesting picture to me. If photography is an artistic expression, then it would be hard to explain what netting does to a floral photograph, but I remember liking it last here (here is the shot). On my screen, it is highly saturated but I left it much as it came from the camera with just a touch of lifted highlights, a gentle contrast curve, then some high pass sharpening.

My last step with photographs is to spot them out, so I zoom to 100% on this and start to spot out the red dots only to find they are bugs. Apparently because of low observational skills, I left some fine macro photographs behind.

Which calls for another road trip soon.