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June 4, 2012

We had a number of things happening over the past week that generated a few photos that I hope to share. Some car shows, bike races, some flowers bought, I-Phone photos found and stuff like that. So I'm sorting through now to see what we have for the next week but they are general day to day things.

I've found homes for some unused and retired Nikon equipment recently and, in passing, a friend who is now using my birding lens loaned me an interesting historical book about the early days of the country. We had some touch and go situations back then with a couple of key problems being how to handle a large debt and also where to place the capitol of the nation. I was surprised to find that both of these questions did not immediately arise, they actually took a good number of years to appear because the government as we know now did not snap into organization immediately. I'll write more later but the premise of the book is that some large problems were solved over dinner and wine. Hopefully more later on the book.