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June 9, 2012

Another shot for my informal series of pavement flattened items. Shot this with the I-Phone when I took an evening and drove to West Virginia to look at Apple monitors and computers. I run a dual monitor setup and something is so awry between the two that I'm not a bit certain how these photos look on a reader's monitor. I'm a fan of interviews and awhile back there was an interesting one with a studio photographer who makes a living by photographing 'sets' for advertisements, meaning he builds and lights the sets in a warehouse studio. The question of monitors came up and he mentioned that they use regular Apple Cinema monitors for post production because, in his words, 'they are shitty enough' that the resulting photos will look good on anyone's monitor, no matter if they are running one from Walmart or a high end photo screen. His adjective might seem appropriate to his experience but when I pulled up this website on an Apple monitor, it was as if someone else had made the photographs. So much better than at home. But then you have the price to deal with.