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June 13, 2012

Here's our neighborhood Gray Fox. We often have one around and the first was an old elderly fellow with gray on his muzzle. This year we've been treated with a family and the pups (usually called kits) have recently gotten out of the den and are running here and there in the late evenings. One of the kits came off the hill today carrying his dinner and prancing high and proud. They are curious and not as afraid of humans as I would wish for their sake. Yesterday I missed this very same shot when I was using another lens even though the autofocus clearly shows the red confirmation dot being on her nose but yet it focused a foot in front (shooting at F2.8, I didn't have a foot of focus to play with). Tonight I was ready with a borrowed 100-400mm that is pretty magical on my camera body and sure enough here she came again off the hill, catching the sight of me about the same spot and then coming down to the top of the incline to stop and stare again, just like last night.