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June 15, 2012

Here's another shot from my photography practice at the bike races in Huntington a couple weeks ago. I can't tell if that is the $2,000 model or $11,000 model- either way bicycles make photography appear to be economical.

So I'm standing there after getting some shots and hear this good solid bang against the metal barriers right near me. You know the sickening kind of silence where there's no lingering sound and you just know that the body stopped so suddenly that it couldn't be good. I didn't have to do much more than look over my shoulder and see the guy had crashed up against the metal temporary barriers and the handlebars are in 2 pieces. I'm thinking to myself, boy they sure have changed handlebar designs when it occurred to me that they were most likely broken in two. Help had already reached him but photography of that event didn't seem to be the sporting thing to do.

He eventually was able to get up and was walking around talking, though he had a few leaks here and there.