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June 18, 2012

need to return the borrowed lenses this week, so I thought I'd spend some time on the back porch on Father's Day evening with hopes of seeing the fox again before loosing the use of the wonderful 100-400mm lens. Once all the fox kits came out of the den, I suppose they had to go to bigger hunting grounds but the neighborhood deer came by and struck a few poses. I had two keepers of the bunch and I liked this one though the 2 trees on one side caused a pause on how best to balance the image.

Father's Day weekend was pretty good, I had time to watch a whole lot of videos on weddings and lighting. If you've followed this blog very long that probably caused you to laugh, considering even my restaurant shots often have no living humans in them.

We had rain today and I planted some new corn at the end of last week so hopefully we'll see it breaking the ground in the new few days. With the new rain, I predict enough tomatoes for the whole town.