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June 21, 2012

Had a long drive last week when a family member needed to get out of the house, we took a 125 mile loop drive and saw a lot of good countryside of the Ohio River Valley. In the evening, we ended up for a short time at Greenbottom, a public hunting/fishing/nature area above Huntington, WV. It's popular with local photographers who like to shoot bugs. The sun was going low and we didn't find too many bugs to shoot but this one presented a nice shadow profile. We had a short conversation with a man who was carrying several fishing poles. He smiled and said this was the place he caught his 'bait' as he did his real fishing for big catfish out in the Ohio River during the dead of night. 'I'm after the real big ones.....caught me a 25 pounder last night but that's small. I'm after those 50 pounders......'