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April 5, 2012

Greenbo Lake State Resort Park
Greenup County, Kentucky

I've enjoyed the wildflower season and I'll sure miss it when its over. I took a quick trip to Greenbo on Sunday or Monday evening (all the wildflower outings are running together) and found this Fire Pink on the Fern Valley Trail, maybe only 20 feet from where I photographed these mushrooms last year. This is one of our favorite trails because it loops from the lodge parking out a ridge-top area, skirts the side of a higher ridge (where this photo was taken), then drops down into a small valley (hollow) before returning you back to the lodge along the lakeside trail. You can make it a short walk or you can daddle along and take a few hours.

My book says the Fire Pink is a perennial herb and one of our two most conspicuous wildflowers of the season. Historical reports state that Fire Pink has been used as a worm-expellent. A de-wormer in plain Eastern-Kentuckian language.   What you're seeing is back lighting from the setting sun that rims the other plants. I used a small LED light and a reflector for fill in the front. Though you might find the rim lighting to be a distraction , at the time it seemed pretty interesting in the viewfinder.