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March 11, 2012

I struck up a conversation with the fellow in the longer boat. 'I've been looking at fishing kayaks....' I said. 'What do you think....?' He replied with a good bit of information in just a few minutes time, even remarking that he could stand up on his boat and fish. I was thinking about that too, but also thinking about how long a 5D could withstand a good dunking. Not long I suppose. But those boats sure look easy to store and transport and could open up a few things to do. Only problem is that 2 fishing kayaks will cost about the same as a used big boat. Standing on the bank, I realized a similar realization that Mike Johnston remarked about yesterday on his blog The Online Photographer. He said he was not good at life planning. Amen to that, I agree. I have a a boat, one that used to be a nice boat. My son remarks 'The last time I saw the boat, didn't it have a tree growing out of the floor. That couldn't be good for a boat.' Randy French, who evidently shared a similar handicap in keeping up ones watercraft, once said a man could count on being happy twice in his life, that being the day he buys his boat and the day he sells his boat.

I'm still thinking about it today though, so we will see if anything appears behind or on top of the car in the next few weeks. But what does one do with a boat with a tree growing in it?