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March 27, 2012

Carter Caves State Resort Park
Carter County, Kentucky

I'm not in love with the composition or the technical things about the image, but this was the only one of its kind that I've been able to find over the past 4 days. This one was spied way up on a steep incline. The upper plant parts of the Large Flowered Bellwort made up a poultice by the Native Americans for sore muscles, according to my reference. I believe this was the day that it rained. Many of the wildflowers are out at least a month early this year, I would have missed it except a friend called and wanted to check out the wildflowers at the park last weekend. We got rained out and so had lunch at the lodge. When leaving the park, he looked over at the hillside with surprise at all the wildflowers that were there, we had driven past them just an hour or two earlier. If you go and you should, since it is right beside the road, look to your left as you enter the park and just take any of the pull-overs to park the car.