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November 3, 2011

Because of the surgery, I'm still living with some restrictions that limit photography, both the subject matter and equipment (this is another Iphone shot). Yesterday, I woke up with discomfort in the middle of the night and eventually found some comfort in a good chair, hot coffee (now mostly decaf), and a book. After not being able to see well for a couple of weeks, I've started back trying to finish The Journals of John Cheever. before moving on to the 'to read stack'. Man, he was a tormented soul. During long parts of the journal, his constant subject is his struggle with alcohol and sexuality, namely being a bisexual married man. The writing gives a great window into the struggle that many people endure with either or both of these situations. Besides this, what strikes me most is his writing style. He has the ability to take a photograph with his eyes and transcribe it into the paragraph. I am lucky to notice what someone is wearing, but Cheever can describe not only the scene but the whole trip down the road, on the train, etc- even down to the facial expressions of those that are in the street. Not a book that I can recommend to everyone but certainly has its merits.

Hope to be at the Ohio Valley Camera Club on Thursday, Meeting is at 7pm at the Huntington WV Museum of Art, in the rear studios.

(playing: Chris Isaak, Somebody's Crying, Live at the Fillmore. Chris will be on Jimmy Kimmel tonight)