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September 5, 2011

Out to pick tomatoes yesterday before the rain started, good thing too since we've gotten a downpour. Closed streets and flooded tunnels. Ended up with quite a lot for the freezer, they just didn't look that good visually but taste very well. Edited more on the journal, now up to page 406 and May 2001. At that time, family things were going on pretty routinely but I had also been fishing a lot. Since it was May, I had taken the boat to a local lake and done well with the fly rod. Had also taken a trip to the mountains of Virginia and Tennessee where we fished some of the bigger tailwater rivers though hadn't done all that well and then had better luck on a tiny mountain stream that ran out from a backroad in Tennessee. I remember that day very well, it was one of those streams that isn't large but makes a lot of noise that drowns out everything else. And then you are enjoying yourself with the fly rod when you hear a woman screaming. Blood curdling screams. So you walk away from the stream to locate where it comes from but nothing but silence. Repeat again a couple of times. Then after returning to the car, you find your buddy says there was no screams anywhere. It's the sound of the stream playing tricks on the ears.

Like yesterday, this shot is from the Hipstamatic for I-Phone. This one was crooked, so I did some straightening and then splicing the border back into it. Roy Rogers is originally from Portsmouth. My cousin tells me that they sold the stuffed dog and horse at auction last year.