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July 29, 2012

Huntington, West Virginia

We had an early dinner at Jim's Spaghetti today and then a short walk to the shops at Heritage Station where I found this old date on a rock. The usual evening rain storm came through shortly after that.

I was a little bummed out today to find that Sam Javanrouh at Daily Dose of Imagery has announced that his blog is entering its 10th and final year. I wasn't so surprised, while general blogging seems quite popular (in particular cooking and politics), the photoblog seems to be a dying style of publication. I've long admired Sam's style and I found this to be his last year when I popped into his site for some inspiration on shooting cityscapes and "wider" scenes after not being so happy with this photo. Over time, I've gravitated to what I would call detail shots and a goal for the next 12 months is to shoot a better mix of wider scenes. So we'll enjoy Sam's last year of daily shots and maybe get some lessons at the same time.