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September 22, 2011

I always feel guilty about posting these types of shots since I am not the painting artist but I had some fun with it and thought I'd share. I photographed the wall with the I-Phone while waiting on my breakfast sandwich at Panera Bread. I processed it on the phone and ended up with several versions, having a great lot of fun with each one. Once in the PC, I only liked 2 of them. This one is in color with vignetting blur and an overlay (which you may or may not like, I know because I've been in both camps) while the other is toned B&W and sharp, or at least a bit more. I'll post the other on Flickr later and give a link maybe tomorrow. Photography is interesting to me because of experimentation. I'm no artist, but if you study an artist who was a real artist over a good amount of time, then their style often changes. Like Picasso who drifted through several different styles, such as Cubism that I am just now beginning to appreciate a little.

Over breakfast this morning, we discussed the patina of age. From yesterday's photo, you might have noticed my father's eye droop on one side that is a long term issue from Bell's Palsy, being afflicted years ago. We also spoke of the patina of personality that develops within all of us. Should either be changed or hidden. Hard to say about personality, but with the patina of appearance, I think strong photographs show everything. Real portrait photographers would have something different to say I suppose. The subjects most definitely would too.