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September 27, 2011

The Arboretum
500 Alumni Drive
Lexington, KY

Today I share a link to an old online trip journal that I once had written, plus a few words about this photo. First the journal.

The other day I heard this fascinating account of a fictional story written a long time ago by a friend. He was a college student and afterwards tried to contact the professor to get the story returned but no luck at all. Fast forward 35 years, he walks to his mailbox and there is a package with the story and a note saying his story had traveled with the professor all over Europe as she pursued another career. Fascinating stuff, worthy of a story itself.

After hearing the story, I couldn't quit thinking about it. Then, for maybe some unconnected reason, I thought about this trip journal that I kept in 1998 and had transcribed to an online journal site about 2001 or 2002. Could it still be there after 10 years? After Googling different diary and journal sites, I finally recognize. Someday maybe I'll add the photos, I think that was why it was never officially finished.

The link to my 1998 bicycle trip across Missouri is here.

Now about today's photo, I shot it at the University of Kentucky Arboretum. The season is late and I can't believe the plants are leaving us so soon. I'll have a few more fall plant shots this week. I like this image for 2 reasons: the luminosity is different than I usually use as it's very light. It also takes on more of the appearance of a non-photograph, maybe some sort of brush art. It's a Lightroom processed image with the intent of less color and less clarity, more of a simple color palette.

It is raining and smells like the beach, not a bad thing at all.