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July 29, 2012

Greenbo Lake State Resort Park,  Greenup County, Kentucky

We've made at least one trip a week to the local state parks since last spring and really have enjoyed this year like no other.  The spring wildflowers were early and exceptional.  We have picnicked right through the cold weather and now into the hot weather.  During one trip this month, I had this feeling I'd find a snake to photograph, just had this snakey feeling.  We finished our food and I went in search of bugs, flowers, and macros- finding very little.  So we drove a short distance for a location change and walked down a creek with the 180mm Macro and there he was.  I was so glad to have a loaner 100-400mm lens and made a quick swap.  This snake was an old one and probably the biggest they get in this area.  He was also quite happy to be photographed.  After more than 20 different "poses", I made this one while laying on the ground and then became a bit spooked over that.  I'm sorry to find that a blade of grass ended up in the field of focus. I have several other good shots of him but I particularly liked the expression on his face in this one.   I went back for a shot or two more, not long later, and he was long gone.  That's when you carefully pick your steps back to the car.  hahaha!