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August 6, 2012

I drove over to the garden to check the remains.  It first suffered tremendously by the drought and then suffered from neglect due to demoralization caused by the mental effect of the drought and hot weather.  My father, who planted his 2 weeks before mine, has enjoyed a pretty nice garden.  Here he is with a couple of his old fashioned tomatoes, one worthy of fried-green-tomato use and another not far from being a very good BLT.   I've about decided that pretty tomatoes are tasteless and one needs to only turn to ugly ones for flavor.  My father has a fellow who grows the "old fashioned yellow tomato" plants to sell in the spring.  The proper name apparently has long been forgotten.  They are huge, lumpy, and ugly.  And really tasty.   Recently, I was reading a New York Times article on how tomatoes have been genetically changed in the name of producing pretty tomatoes.  Many decades ago, a mutated tomato was found that uniformly ripened to a solid red.  No green ring around the stem.  The gene that caused this has been incorporated into nearly all the modern tomato plants.  Researchers have now found that this gene also turns off some sugar production by the fruit and affects its flavor.  It is an interesting article, you can read it here.


 “The scientist is not a person who gives the right answers,
he's one who asks the right questions.”

Claude Lévi-Strauss