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May 12, 2011

Green Bottom Wildlife Management Area
Cabell County, West Virginia

I had a busy day but was able to end up with a speck of time in a couple of recreation areas for some photography. Green Bottom is a wonderful area and is a haven for bug shooting, something new to me but popular in our Ohio Valley Camera Club. We were a bit too early in the evening to catch much wildlife or birds but I did get a couple of photos of a few other scenes in the short time that I had to spare. This area is so much more natural and healthier than the wildlife area that we visited in Kentucky yesterday.

I stopped to make some prints for the owner of the Chevy truck that I featured awhile back. Mike Rosenberg, who is also a member of the OVCC, was making prints and coached me through a few things and the prints turned out pretty OK providing you have enough light when you view them. Do you keep in mind the amount of ambient lighting provided in the display area of your prints? That's what I thought, I haven't given it much mind either and I hope mine don't appear too dark to the truck owner. Anyway, Mike had a number of magnificent prints, some of which came from Greenbottom and that sort of gave me a push to make some time this evening.

We stopped at the book store and I found a good book on how to paint like the Expressionist painters. It was interesting even though I can't paint, but the next thing I picked up was a magazine that had an article on using textured layers to make impressionistic photographs. That has always intrigued me and I gave it a try once with no success, maybe it's time to give it another chance.

More later, I now have a backlog of photographs and hope a few of them are usable.