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April 10, 2011

Had lunch with a good friend and returned his suitcase of strobist-style lighting stuff and came home with a new book. It's an interesting book called 'The Oxford Project'. The photographs are by Peter Feldstein and the text is by Stephen Bloom. In 1984, Feldstein began a project to photograph everyone in the small town of Oxford, Iowa. He rented a vacant storefront and a slow start at it but had accomplished his goal by the end of summer. Then he settled into a career of teaching art. About 25 years later, he returned to rephotograph the same folks and that is what the book is about. You get a before and after photograph of the person and a short story written in their own words. The photographs are interesting and high quality and the writing is interesting in a down-to-earth, real-people kind of way. Here is the link to Amazon. I'd recommend the hardcover, which you can get used for less than $10 with shipping costs added.