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August 21, 2013

Pendleton Art Center
Ashland, Kentucky

We visited the downtown area tonight for burgers and the place was packed with every table filled.  It was buy one/get one free Tuesday so we split a superb patty melt burger and a chicken sandwich between the two of us.   It's great to see a thriving business downtown, we sure enjoyed feeling a part of everything.  Afterwards, we made a quick visit to the pottery studio at the Pendleton, where I snapped this one in the back hallway.  Speaking loosely, this is a remake of a photo taken in the same spot in 2007 even though it was a different subject.  That 2007 photo is a strange one that I still count as one of my favorites, being taken with that special fisheye zoom that I once owned and shot all those nice pictures with.  The photo for today is an I-Phone picture (yes, I need to take a proper photo outing with a real camera)- it started as a Hipstamatic image that was shot off-level, so it was straightened in the Photoshop I-phone app, then into the app Lo-Mob before finishing in Lightroom. If you're challenged to make good level photos but want to use Hipstamatic then you should use Hipstamatic's Oggl app that allows you to switch to a minimal frame film like Blanko Freedom 13 and then you can straighten the picture without so much crop loss.  The classic Hipstamatic is much more fun (in my opinion) but the jpg image is fully processed and the frame can not be changed whereas Oggl is a filter that can be changed repeatedly with each change being saved to the camera roll as a jpg.  Too many details tonight but maybe it will help someone interested in I-phone photography.