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August 23, 2013

Here is an I-Phone shot I made this evening, I remembered that I promised you a photo from a ride with the new bicycle.  Well, here I am biking with the local bicycle club on their regular Thursday night ride.  Wait....looks like they might have gotten a bit ahead of me.  hahaha!  I think I got left behind, moral of the story is you cannot expect to take up a strenuous activity late in the year and keep up with the pack.  To beat it all, we had this terrific downpour and some nice side winds.  Years ago, my wife and I were fairly active bikers for a few years and some of the trips were in all sorts of weather, so this wasn't something new to me and I did catch up at the parking lot where the club members mingle and catch up with the stories of one another.  As a bike rider, I feel like one of the new photography members at the camera club when we start talking about Photoshop, lenses, and all sorts of things like HDR.  Too much to learn and too late in life, maybe.

This shot is sort of unique because it was taken with the I-Phone native camera but yet is a Hipstmatic image.  Today (well, yesterday) the Hipstamatic Oggl app was updated and added the feature of importing from the camera roll, something never allowed before.  This opens up a lot of experimentation, plus the ability to control exposure a bit better.  Will take some time in learning the right combination of apps now.  I will bet there are a lot of upset die-hard Hipst-fans right now.

"I like to read and write
and take pictures and bike."

Alex D. Linz