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August 24, 2013

Bluebird Cafe in 2007
Nashville, Tennessee

I was searching for some new music this morning and noticed that Charlie Worsham had an album on I-Tunes.  Pictured above is the band Kingbilly during a quiet evening at the Bluebird- Charlie has his back toward us in this photo and the show was made up of a group of young singer-songwriters, all struggling in the sense they had not been contracted by the music industry.   If you've followed this blog for awhile, you might remember that we made a few trips to Nashville over two or three years to photograph the town and enjoy the music culture.  My good friend Mark Pennington (who passed away a few years ago) and I sort of stumbled across the town while roaming around on a photography road trip and found that we really enjoyed it even though both of us were not at all country fans at the time.  The town was photography friendly as you either pass as a tourist or somebody important. 

We've been watching the show Nashville on Netflix recently.  I found it really interesting to see many of the areas that Mark and I used to visit.   Here is a Wikipedia article on the Bluebird and also a link to their website.   Of all the places that I've traveled to photograph, I would place my Nashville trips high on the list and would love to return someday.  It was a nice mix of music venues (especially the honky tonks), nice museums and art galleries, and great food to find and explore.  A few months before Mark's death, his illness had progressed to the last stages but he was able to go out for lunch and remarked that one of the things he really regretted was missing one last trip to Nashville.

My old blog site is down, maybe for good as we have had no contact with the folks in charge.  Luckily I made an offline copy last year and I'm able to continue the transfer.  So if you click the link above for the older images, you might find it dead (at least for the time being).