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February 14, 2011

This is a close-up/near-macro shot of a very small Hallmark Christmas ornament. I used the wide-angle lens on the phone (which I find doubles as a close up lens) and the Hipstamatic app then converted to bw in Photoshop. I sort of like this one better than many of the others.

There is a quote by Cartier-Bresson where he stated that once the shot is in the 'box' then he's no longer interested in it. Hunters are not cooks, he says. I found that surprising since for the last few years, I've felt much like a hunter who gathers material for the stew pot. For the first month of the 365 day I-phone project, I tried posting directly from the phone but I believe I get better results if I do the last bit of processing in Photoshop and then make a judgment by looking on the big screen. If not, I would have picked another photo for today and been surprised that it was no good at all. Cartier-Bresson's writing was surprising to me, worthy of some more reading.