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February 15, 2011

Finally, another photo that I like. After the auxiliary lenses came in from Photojojo , I made a stop to Walmart and picked up a Griffin Reveal case for the I-Phone 4. The magnetic rings for the lenses won't adhere to the glass back of the phone and another Flickr user recommended the Griffin Case. It was highway robbery at $24 but the ring fit perfectly and the lenses are gems. A wide angle/macro combo and a fisheye. This photo was shot with the wide angle, which I thought was useless but find that it fits my style quite well.

By chance, this photo fits the assignment of 'We all prepare for things every day. Illustrate preparedness in a photograph today.' The Gerber tool is one of the all-in-one gadgets that's useful. I was once out in the woods Geocaching and photographing and the serrated edged blade was so sharp that I didn't realize I was slicing my thumb. The Geocache contained a first aid kit, of all things.