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September 1, 2010

Lexington Farmers Market
Lexington, Kentucky

Photo #2 of 2 for today.

I love to photograph musicians, they always seem to enjoy that someone is paying attention and in return we usually get a photograph of a person that has some real feeling in their face rather than a toothy camera-smile. At the time that I snapped the photo, I remember remarking to Dennis that times like that was when you need one of those 85mm lenses that give a silky background. When I got home, I was amazed to find the lens had given me a background with psychedelic stripes, not a very good bokeh at all. It sort of fit the photo but was too overpowering for the subject, so I decided to use Joe Browning's black overlay idea along with Daina's bw tips to create a monotone image with the background darkened out. Hope it works some for I rather like the mood of the shot.