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September 25, 2010

The Wounded Goose Restaurant
Bidwell, Ohio

This scene reminded me of the photography of Bill Bowden and of William Eggleston. Even though the Wounded Goose is in Ohio, it serves up a unique white cheese Kentucky Hot Brown. I choose the wrong thing on the menu but Dennis shared a portion of his Hot Brown to show how wonderful it was.

I'm plugging along in Volume 2 of the memoirs of General Sherman. For those who are a fan of getting the true feeling of an era, this volume is heads above the first one. I'm not so interested in tactics and troop movement of the Civil War, but it is really interesting to hear of the controversies and the human nature side of things. For instance, at one point Sherman is made out to be insane by the northern press because of his request to the Secretary of War for a large number of troops while stationed in Kentucky. He subsequently is part of some sort of reorganization and eventually finds himself commanding in the Battle of Shiloh. The fallout of that battle is the press reports that falsely claims that the Union troops were caught in bed by the rebels and that Grant was intoxicated during his command. Sherman notes that Grant will never contest the press or write replies to the editors, so he takes it upon himself to try to set the record straight and seems to succeed somewhat. Oddly enough, I remember that Grant complained in his memoirs that the Northern press caused much damage during the Civil War whereas the Southern press operated under a government that was nothing other than a military state with tight controls. Evidently Grant and his superiors had the opportunity to respond in the press but chose not to.