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August 27, 2013

Huntington Museum of Art
Huntington, West Virginia

As I go about restoring the photos from 2004 to 2012, I'm having fun reliving some of the moments that went into collecting these images.  The photo above is a black and white version of a portrait I made of Fred Huff who is a long term member of the Ohio Valley Camera Club.  I first joined the club when I was 23 years old when this darkroom was actively engaged in teaching local artists the joy of darkroom work.  It has now been largely forgotten for years with the exception of a few classes taught by Larry Rees, (another OVCC member from the 1980s) in an attempt to keep the art alive.   Fred posed in the darkroom as part of a long article I published on his activity in the club.

Looking back at the shot now, I remember my intention was to light it with a dramatic style by using directional flash lighting that would cast shadows.  Not sure how it worked though, I think a fill flash behind Fred  would have been a good thing to have tried.  That's the interesting thing about photography, there is no "perfect", just lots of possibilities.

 “We don't make mistakes,
just happy little accidents.”

Bob Ross