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March 17, 2010

somewhere in Greenup County

The sun was supposed to come out in the evening, so I took off driving across the backroads of the neighboring counties soon after lunch. This was the first time that I navigated a trip with a GPS and unknown to me, someone had set the machine to not ever suggest a U-turn. Because of that, if you missed a turn it would say 'recalculating' and then tell you to go straight ahead as if you were right on track. Finally, after 5 miles of curvy roads, it would find a road that would loop you back in the direction that you came from. So a lot of wasted time but the sun never came out, so nothing was lost.

Our local camera club has a category for Enhanced Photographic Art and this image was another attempt to come up with a painterly effect. After working on it for some time, it began to look more and more like a photograph and I think I ended up with nearly the same image that I started with, so maybe I'll just not try it anymore. There's a few mistakes there that a rank beginner wouldn't do, but I got tired and decided just to post what I ended up with.

The sun is supposed to come out tomorrow.