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November 14, 2009

Top: 2009 U.S. Grant Bridge
Bottom: the old U.S. Grant Bridge taken on slide film in 1982
Portsmouth, Ohio

During last weekend's photo trip to Portsmouth, I was reminded of a photo outing that I took 27 years ago with Greg Wyer. We were photographing night scenes for the monthly Ohio Valley Camera Club competition and ended up taking photos of the old U.S. Grant Bridge. A few years ago the bridge was replaced with a new one so I snapped a photo for comparison. I think a night scene of the new bridge might make a good photo and I believe this time I'd shoot at F16 to try to get some star effect to the lights.

During that 1982 photo outing, we shot churches, refineries, and office buildings from the public roadways. The refineries weren't a problem but at one office building, I was approached by a security guard who asked if I would come into the building and talk to his boss. I remember the exchange as being firmly business-like and I was puzzled about why they would even care. Now, I suppose the questions would be more intense and I probably would have refused to enter the building in the first place, making the 'boss' come outside. Times do change and so do we.

I'll be taking a keyboard break to recuperate for awhile, so see you in a week or two.