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September 5, 2013

Ironton-Russell Bridge
Russell, Kentucky

Here is a good article on our bridge.  Shopping for home improvement supplies occupied most of the afternoon hours, so I missed camera club but put the time to good use with a short bike trip.   The above shot is the bridge from my town, we are getting a new one built and it's making slow progress creeping across the river just a tad bit upstream from this one.  So I feel I need to photograph this one with as many different variations as possible since the plan is to blow it up after the new one is finished.  I guess the correct term is implode or just plain "bring it down".  I'll miss the trips across it as I've been doing it since my birth.  There used to be a ticket booth on the far end and you either had to fork over a coin or a ticket to get across, when young I always thought that job would be the very best.  Much of the floor of the bridge is metal grid so if you happen to slow down or get stopped on the bridge, you can look down through the roadway and see clear down to the waters below.  Not for the faint of heart, my mother never got used to the bridge and she drove across it for 60 years.

The weather was really mild today, an excellent evening to be outside.