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September 12, 2009

You ever have one of those days when the outtakes end up being what you wanted? Here's the story: when my parents were about 22 or 23 years old, they both built this storage building. As my father likes to put it, 'she sunk as many nails as I did...' The building material was largely recycled stuff from other projects, such as siding that came from a relative who was installing aluminum siding when it first came out. The structure came to be called 'the outbuilding'. Over the years it served its purpose well and little was changed with it. In a world where things don't last long, that's the most interesting part of the story. It has survived about 53 years with the same siding, windows, and door.

When I heard that it was to be covered with vinyl siding, I knew I had to take a photograph even though I haven't photographed much for a couple of weeks. Saturday was the day for the siding installation (which he was doing himself), but luckily I caught up for a photo before the front of it was covered in plastic and here is the result. These are the original 2 builders, my parents, about 53 years after they built the building from scratch.

It's an outtake because nearly everything gave out before I was able to get a final 'perfect' photograph. The flash batteries, the human-powered light/umbrella stand, and the subjects all were run down at this time of the day. It doesn't pay to learn off-camera flash whenever everyone is a bit tired, especially the batteries. I was pleased though, for even though the light is a bit wonky, I liked the expressions and the record that it made.

Lessons learned: (1) Feed the human-powered-light-stand before work, (2) bring new batteries, (3) Turn off auto-ISO on Nikon cameras when in manual mode, (3) Pay attention to wardrobe details even when taking test shots, (4) make sure human-powered-light-stand aims the light properly, and (5) practice on dummies beforehand or you will be mistaken for one yourself.