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September 8, 2013

Russell, Kentucky

This is another I-Phone4 VSCOcam shot of the Russell Depot caboose on display at the adjacent park grounds, sorry to use the Dutch Tilt again on you.  This small park gives me a great launching spot for my bicycling route- I can bike down the river road a few times then meander through a couple adjacent towns to get in about 12 miles in less than an hour.   I'm very limited on the ability to travel right now, so you might see more I-Phone shots from our little river town for the upcoming days or weeks.   I'm hoping to work up a day trip or two but nothing has come up just yet.

I wanted to mention Ralph Eugene Meatyard.  While browsing around the the VSCO website, I noticed a section called The Masters that featured a nice article about Meatyard and examples of his photography.  Meatyard was a Lexington, Kentucky resident during the decade prior to the time that I lived there, apparently when he was alive he was considered a big thing in the world of photographic art- his work included the use of his family as "subjects" in many of the shots.  Often described as highly disturbing, I certainly would call it cutting edge photography for the time period that he lived.  By the time I received my first camera and was roaming the Lexington area looking for photographs as a student, Meatyard had passed away and been forgotten.  I stumbled upon a print by Meatyard during a visit to the art gallery at the University of Kentucky a year or two ago.

Here is the link to the Masters article at VSCO, here is the Wikipedia article, then an article from New York Magazine.