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September 10, 2013

I read an interesting article on the Hipstography site about Louis Buick, one founder of Hipstmatic.  The discussion gives a bit of history about Hipstamatic and the new Oggl app that I've been using, which is essentially Hipstamatic that allows you to make a shot and then switch the filters to better suit your image.    Here is the link to the story.  Maybe the most interesting thing I found out from the story is that our Oggl collections are online, not something I remember being told.  With a  collection, you can build a library of your favorite images of others as well as shots that you have posted.  As an example, you can view a pretty good collection online by MaryJane Sarvis.

It's always a wonderful event to test a camera and end up surprised with how well things went and that's how it was tonight.  Canon makes the tiny SL1 which is a full fledged SLR that is not much bigger than palm sized.  When I unboxed it, I found the battery had enough power to give several shots and so I quickly ran through the menus to get accustomed to the layout and reset my general setting to be what I'm used to using.  This camera allows the high auto ISO to range upward above 3200, so I selected 6400.    Then off to the garage, everyone has interesting things to shoot in the garage even if the sun is down, right?  Yep, but there's not a lot of light, so I selected the 135mm F2.0 Canon L lens.   The little camera really handles well and the shots were exceptional, even very useable at ISO 6400 with an appropriate noise reduction in Lightroom.


 It is our choices, Harry, that show us who
we truly are, far more than our abilities.

(Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets)