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October 23, 2012

Here's another window shot from the trip to Columbus, Ohio, not far out of Portsmouth.   Really good weather today and finally made it over the Fern Valley Trail at our local park Greenbo Lake.  Did the full loop to the top of the ridge and met a nice couple from Louisville, Kentucky.  We had a good conversation about the trails and the history of the park.    I was able to find two persimmon trees with lots of fruit on them with the first one being not ripe enough and pretty astringent.   The second tree was really sweet though and maybe I'll make it back again before they are gone.

 "Unless you're prepared to make a mistake, you'll
never do anything that hasn't been done before.
You have to be prepared to be embarrassed."

Eugene Souleiman
Interview Magazine, Oct/Nov 2012
(an article on hair design but yet
applicable to photography I believe)